I need a jumprope and an elliptical and a babysitter so I can just save myself all this money and go to the gym.

After 3 weeks of eating healthy and working out.
I can already see some littles changes in my back, stomach and hips…

This is in only 3 weeks?! Good god, give me all your recipes and all your workout routines.

Health wise and mentally wise. Do you ever look at old pictures of yourself and think, “If only I could have warned you that you’d be a fatass.” Yeah, that’s me right now.


Realize that your body NEEDS calories to function properly… most women are told they need a MINIMUM of 1200 a day (but even that is dependent on your height, age, etc)…
In other words, your bodies ORGANS use up calories during the day… your heart pumps blood, your brain thinks, your muscles help you move, etc.. even the act of eating and digesting food burns calories!
In addition, anything you do during the day burns calories (including sitting)…. the more lean muscle you have on your body, the harder it has to work to maintain itself while these actions are occurring (and thus more calories are burned).
When you starve yourself, not only are you NOT losing body fat (sorry girls, you’re losing muscle and water which is why the scale changes).. you are also hurting your precious organs in the process!! 
I eat a MINIMUM of 1500 calories a day, I workout for about an hour and I manage to stay below 15% body fat. Why? Because I eat clean and have built enough muscle to keep my metabolism high! Over the holidays, I ate SO MUCH food.. WELL over my caloric maintenance… yet my body didn’t change! If I had been skinny fat, or lacked muscle.. it would have been much easier for me to pack on the pounds!!!
Lift weights, eat clean and DON’T STARVE.
Have you guys tried this stuff?! I think I just found my soda replacement. :)